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Whether you're a self-described automotive expert or novice to this topic, you might have heard of the popular publication Consumer Reports. This publication has provided customers throughout the world the most accurate and up-to-date information about the best vehicles and other appliances on the market today, based on facts about their value, quality, safety, and a variety of other factors. Consumer Reports does not endorse any specific products or sources, only presenting facts and statistics, which makes them a great source for our customers near Eau Claire, WI to turn to for accurate information about our new Subaru inventory here at Chilson Subaru.

We invite you to learn more about our latest inventory through our Consumer Reports section to see which Subaru you like best. You will find our dealership located just a short drive outside of River Falls down I-94 E.

Brand Report Card

The brand report cards from Consumer Reports showcase the top brands on the market today, so customers in Wisconsin can gain a full sense of where their favorite Subaru stacks up against the competition. Consumer Reports takes the top cars from each top automotive brand ant takes them on a road test to assess the handling performance, fuel economy, and other factors to consider with each car. Afterwards, they rank the top brands for you to witness. It should come as no surprise that Subaru tends to top this report card year after year!

New Car Profiles

Do you have your eye on one particular ne Subaru model or is there one you would like to know more about? Then turn to the new car profiles, compiled by this publication for each new car from each brand. You will see each represented and ranked by conditions like fuel economy, acceleration, and overall owner satisfaction,. Each carries overall ratings ranging from excellent to poor, but most of the Subaru brand's ratings tend to fall in the "excellent" range, if not "very good."

Car Brand Reliability Ranking

While one particular car from a brand might enjoy a lot of popularity, said car might not reflect the brand as a whole. Consumer Reports offers a list of all the top brands as well as where each ranks in the category of reliability. The publication compiles their data based on the responses of shoppers like you in the Menomonie, WI area. You can see how far up top on the scale Subaru ranks in overall value, which has won the brand other accolades from other publications over the years.

Top Picks of The Year

Each year, customers near Chippewa Falls, WI can learn all about the top 10 picks, where wee often see multiple flagship models from Subaru mentioned, such as the Forester and Outback. The finalists for the top 10 brands of the year are chosen based on the reliability rankings of each brand and the stats associated with their new car profiles. One brand like Subaru might see many of their cars featured on this list, while some might not see any of their cars make the top 10 picks of the year.

Best New Vehicles Under $30,000

Many average drivers throughout the area tend to keep their budget below $30,000 so one of the many lists Subaru cars tend to end up on is the Best New Vehicles Under $30,000. If the car you're interested in begins at a manufacturer-suggested retail price (MSRP) of less than $30,000, it might qualify for this list. You will find a majority of new Subaru sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs featured on this list as most new Subaru models tend to start out at MSRPs affordable on most budgets. Consumer Reports lists these cars based on their overall reliability and scientific testing to determine their economy, performance, and overall value.

Consumer Reports Videos

Of course, anyone can list stats to you, but Consumer Reports also has some visual examples of what each top-tier brand has to offer. We can show you accurate review videos and road tests performed by consumer Reports on top new Subaru models like the iconic Forester SUV. After Consumer Reports takes these cars for a first test drive they will take special note of new safety technologies, entertainment features, and major noticeable changes from previous model years. After you read about your favorite Subaru model, be sure you check out some of these helpful videos to see these cars in action!

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