It has never been a secret that Subaru wants to give everyone a better world to live in. Recently, Subaru has received the 2020 Silver Halo Award in the ‘Best Sustainability Initiative’ category by Engage for Good. This award is due to the brands efforts in reducing landfill waste from national parks. Our team is proud to offer many new Subaru models in Eau Claire, especially after the brand exemplifies the Subaru Love Promise.


What the Award Means for You

Many Chippewa Falls, WI drivers might wonder what makes this award important for their life. With a brand as large as Subaru following through on its promises to help care for the world and those that inhabit it, it paves the way for more large brands to continue the effort. It will also give you cleaner national parks to visit while proving there are alternatives for large-scale waste removal.


How Our Dealership Aims for Greatness with Subaru

Our team is also looking to improve your life and to make the world a better place. Our history has been focused on providing reliable and exciting vehicles in the Menomonie region, making sure every driver can stay confident when they are behind the wheel.

We can help you see how a Subaru model could be the one that you want in your life and can show you many more ways that the brand is looking out for their community and further. We look forward to hearing from you so that we can help you see that Subaru is a brand that practices what it preaches in more ways than one. We are only a shorty ride from River Falls, making it easy for you to plan a trip to see us, or to call, chat, or email with any questions that you have.

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